With a highly illustrative brand, GitHub's use of photography is quite limited. When used, photos must be authentic and representative of our community.


How to use

These are some interim photography guidelines. As we’ve yet to formally define an approach these should act as a temporary rutter when selecting photography for use in presentations and other media channels. Please reach out to the Design team for input on approved contract photographers.

General approach

  • Candid, authentic real life scenarios
  • Diverse in subjects and subject matter
  • Models should fit the environment they are cast in
  • Original and innovative, showing developers collaborating in and out of work settings
  • Always present the developer(s) as the hero
  • Make sure each shot is bright, focused, and conveys a sense of optimism
  • Avoid overly dark backgrounds
  • Depict moments developers can aspire to, either in their projects that they’re creating and or the positive attitudes they exude
  • Do not use stock photography


  • Clean, simple, and bold
  • Devoid of superfluous elements that don’t support the narrative
  • Bright and optimistic


  • Photography should be straight-on at eye level
  • Depth of field with a individuals (one to two) in focus


  • A soft glow and/or natural lighting


  • Use color as accents within the the composition
  • Colors where used minimally should be bright and saturated


Coming soon…