Mona the Octocat is one of the most beloved mascots out there, inspiring everyone she meets to become or identify as a developer.


However, she’s not the only mascot we have available to us. There are many octocats out there, and there’s a friendly human robot sidekick out there, too.



Out of a vast group of octocats comes Mona. She’s curious and courageous. Even when she falls, she lands on her tentacles. She is unique in that she represents GitHub, which is especially important when considering voice and tone.

Please keep in mind that she’s about the art, not the money. She’s better suited for creating superfans than promoting products.

Never use Mona to represent GitHub.



Octocats represent developers—the people, the makers, the hackers—and ultimately our innate tendency towards curiosity and betterment. They’re here to create a narrative for our users and fans, rather than support literal and technical instruction. Use them sparingly, and never use them to represent GitHub.

Find your favorite in the Octodex.

My Octocat

My Octocat allows GitHub superfans to design and download their own octocat. My Octocat focuses on empowering developer representation and belonging first, and brand awareness second. It’s not available for organizations or businesses yet, so please do not co-brand any My Octocat assets. Similarly, My Octocat assets should not be used for internal GitHub projects.

Like our brand itself, we’ll periodically update My Octocat with new outfits, accessories, and features.

Visit to create your own

Outline octocats

Learn more about creating octocat illustrations within our marketing, product, print, or media projects with our outline octocats.

Explore the guidelines

Custom octocats

Custom octocats like those found in the Octodex are only to be created by the GitHub Design teams. Our mascot should not be recreated or reimagined by other brands or Hubbers outside the Design teams. Do not mix octocats with our logomark or logotype.



Our secondary character is Hubot. He reflects our passion for open source because he’s just that. Hubot alone does not represent GitHub, but he does symbolize an important element of our workflow. He plays an insentient yet supportive role to our users, and in turn Mona. This dynamic is imperative and needs to be reflective whenever he is present.

Learn more about Hubot the chatops bot.

Supporting cast

Read on for the additional mascots and logos that are used alongside GitHub, Mona, and Hubot.

Learning Lab bot

The Learning Lab bot represents our Learning Lab program.

Learning Lab bot


Dependabot’s name and branding are still widely in use on GitHub. Use the logo to represent the features on GitHub.



Semmle’s brand is no longer widely used, but their features have been incorporated into GitHub’s advanced security offerings.

Semmle logo
Semmle mascot

Pull Panda

Pull Panda’s branding and mascot is not publicly used at this time. Do not share, modify, or distribute.

Pull Panda logo


GitHawk’s branding and mascot is not publicly used at this time. Do not share, modify, or distribute.

GitHawk logo


npm’s branding (and lesser known Wombat mascot, currently not shown) remain in contact as a product of GitHub. You can find and use npm logos in the npm/logos repo. Do not use the npm mascot.

npm logo