Much of GitHub's brand assets are highly illustrative pieces, from detailed icons to octocats to full blown animated shorts.


Learn how we use the illustrated pieces of our brand to convey our company’s mission, vision, and values. Through our brand’s illustrations, we can show not only how GitHub helps people collaborate through open source communities, but we can also tell inspiring stories of belonging and representation.

In this section

  • Mascots

    Mona the Octocat is one of the most beloved mascots out there, inspiring everyone she meets to become or identify as a developer.
  • Octocats

    Learn how and why we create octocat illustrations to bridge our content, iconography, and other visuals for a more unified marketing message.
  • Icons

    Utilize our expansive system of marketing-focused iconography to better communicate ideas and context as part of GitHub's overall visual language.
  • Octicons

    Visualize complex actions and workflows in user interfaces with our product-focused icon library.