Resources, guidelines, and best practices for writing with the GitHub voice.


The Content Style Guide is home to guidelines and resources your team needs to write and publish for GitHub. Throughout the Guide, we highlight and explain the rules and best practices we use to create clear and consistent user-facing content across teams, media, and channels.

Following the same rules helps us create polished content while taking some of the guesswork out of writing. Wondering which dash to use or how to talk about about a new feature? You’re in the right place.

In this section

  • Voice and tone

    Voice and tone are the backbones of our content. Mindful use of them can be the difference between creating an experience that energizes versus one that isolates our audiences.
  • Naming

    Thoughtful and consistent product and feature names are vital to our community’s ability to navigate their experience on GitHub. Here’s an overview of how we think about product naming and capitalization.
  • Grammar and usage

    This guide will help you use words and transitions consistently as you create content for GitHub audiences. You’ll find a list of particularly tricky words at the bottom. Any rules mentioned in this guide override external sources.
  • Terminology

    Find guidelines for how to use common words and phrases associated with GitHub products, features, and other technologies.