Microsoft & GitHub

Learn how and when to use GitHub and Microsoft brand elements together.

Microsoft & GitHub

GitHub independence

After the acquisition by Microsoft, GitHub proudly remains an independent company and brand focused on supporting the developer community. As such, we’ve limited how and when our two brands show up together to only be in the context of our acquisition.

Acquisition graphics

The only approved usage of the GitHub and Microsoft brands together by both companies should be for discussing the acquisition. When referencing the acquisition, either publicly or internal to GitHub, show Microsoft’s complete logo and GitHub’s logotype side-by-side. Sharing our brands together is part of the story both companies are telling—yes, GitHub has been acquired, but we’re still separate and open.

  • Do not use this to represent anything other than the acquisition.
  • Do not alter either logo in any way.
  • Do not use the GitHub mark (the Invertocat) in place of or in addition to the GitHub logotype.
  • Do not change the background color, obscure either company’s brand element, or otherwise reduce the visibility of either logo.
  • Do not place octocats over this graphic.
  • Do not create your own assets—this is the only approved graphic.
  • If your question starts with But what about..., the answer is no.

The below image has been sized to easily fit widescreen slide presentations. It can also be used in articles or blog posts as appropriate.


Microsoft + GitHub


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