Learn about our logos. how and when to include the GitHub logomark or logotype, how we identify sub-brands, and more.



We call our logomark the Invertocat. It’s a simplified version of our mascot, the Octocat, and is used:

  • When the word “GitHub” appears in the URL of the page or in the relative content (such as on github.com/home),
  • When a user is logged into GitHub,
  • Or, when we are speaking to assumed users of GitHub (such as attendees at a GitHub event, subscribers to GitHub emails, or someone reading our help documentation).

Do not use the Invertocat next to our logotype—use one or the other.


The Invertocat requires room around it free of distraction and confusion. Use half the mark’s height to identify the minimum safe space. When paired with a sub-brand, the right side should use one-quarter of the mark’s height.


The Invertocat should only appear in white or dark gray (#24292e).


The logotype or wordmark is used:

  • When we’re speaking to an audience that’s unfamiliar with GitHub (e.g., on training.github.com)
  • When there are no supporting elements or context clues that support our brand (e.g., on a site without a github.com URL, in a banner ad, or in a sponsorship list with many logos)
  • When speaking about the company itself, rather than a product (e.g., job listings, or our company letterhead)

Do not type out the word in plain text to approximate our logo. Do not use the logotype next to the Invertocat—use one or the other.


Similar to the Invertocat, our logotype requires minimum safe space around it at all times. Use the height of the lowercase u character for negative space on all sides. When paired with a sub-brand, the right side should use match one space character’s width.


The logotype should only appear in white or dark gray (#24292e).


GitHub always leads with the Invertocat first, and usually alone. When additional context is required, for example in new markets, pair the Invertocat with our wordmark.


In addition to the guidelines above, please adhere to the following rules when using a GitHub logo or mascot.


  • Use the Octocat or GitHub logo to link to GitHub
  • Use the Mark in social buttons to link to your GitHub profile or project
  • Use the Octocat or GitHub logo to advertise that your product has built-in GitHub integration
  • Use the Octocat or GitHub logo in a blog post or news article about GitHub


  • Use the Octocat or GitHub logo for your application’s icon
  • Create a modified version of the Octocat or GitHub logo
  • Integrate the Octocat or GitHub logo into your logo
  • Use any GitHub artwork without permission
  • Sell any GitHub artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images

Contact us

  • If you want to use artwork not included in this repository
  • If you want to use these images in a video/mainstream media

Product naming

Please avoid naming your projects anything that implies GitHub’s endorsement. This also applies to domain names.


When branding something more specific than GitHub, we pair the Invertocat or logotype with the property name for a “sub-brand logo.” The property name is capitalized, separated by a space, and is typeset in Inter, an open source font used across our marketing materials. The sub-brand and the Invertocat or logotype are always the same color.

Example GitHubsub-brand


Swag is an important part of being a GitHub employee and customer, but we have rules in place to ensure the highest quality products and experiences. Swag is to be created only by the GitHub Design teams. No GitHub employee should be creating or distributing their own swag. Only those working in partnership with our Shop and Brand teams can authorize swag creation.

Creating bootleg or custom swag invites even more unauthorized individuals, internal or external, to openly violate our trademarks and put our brand at risk. Under no circumstances should you be producing your own.


Choose a file format, right click, and select save as. Additional assets can be downloaded from https://github.com/logos.

Additional logos coming soon.